As we celebrate a milestone at The Red Pencil (Singapore), we bring to you a series of art therapy programmes aimed at bringing the best out of you!


Art Therapy
Clinical Sessions

8 weekly session, 1hr/session

All Ages

Are you looking for a safe space to relieve your stress and worries through art therapy? Look no further, we are here for you! 



8 weekly session, 1hr/session

For Youths 13 – 25 years old

As youths settle into adolescence and adulthood, they may feel uncertain when faced with unfamiliar life experiences or circumstances.

Happy Dance


Open Art Therapy Studio, 1.5hr/week

For Caregivers Aged 17 years old & above

COLOURS is an open art therapy studio programme that aims to empower caregivers with self-care knowledge and skills and build internal and external resources for their wellbeing through artmaking in an open group setting.

Colorful Crayons

Our Tapestry

6 weekly session, 1hr/session

For Caregiver-&-Ward*

*Ward should be aged between 6 – 25 years old

Our Tapestry is an art therapy project aiming to harvest healthy relationships within families or communities by strengthening emotional ties as well as harnessing empathy and compassion for the self and others, through exploring themes such as fears, challenges, identities, dreams, or hopes.  

Printed Pink Towel

Budding Captain

8 weekly session, 1hr/session

For Children 6 to 12 years old

Hoping to boost your child’s self-confidence, compassion, and self-expression?  


Budding Captain is an art therapy programme that empowers children to build strong socio-emotional coping skills and compassion for themselves and towards others!  



Open Art Therapy Studio, 1.5hr/week

For Youths 13 – 25 years old

What thoughts do the youths have about their aspirations and dreams to concerns about body image, sexual health, and gender identity? How could we provide them a safe space to express themselves?  

Sunset in the Woods


6 weekly session, 1hr/session

For Children/Youths 6 – 25 years old

ReBound is an art therapy project that aims to empower children and youths to make changes towards better emotional wellbeing.

ReBound 2.jpg